Waste Disposal Services

Dubai Silver Waste Disposal Services provide the widest range of treatment and disposal options in the industry for all of your hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Waste Types

Hazardous Waste Experts can help you manage all hazardous waste types and other regulated material. Some examples of hazardous waste types that we routinely handle are:

Any Waste – Any Place

Hazardous Waste

• Ignitable     • Corrosive     • Reactive     • Acids & Caustics     • Toxic Metals

• Used Solvents     • Sludges     • Contaminated Soils     • Plating Solutions

• Cleaning Solutions     • Lab Pack Material

Chemical Waste

• Chemical Disposal     • Chemical Recycling     • Acid Disposal     

• Glycol Disposal     • Acetone Disposal     • Acetonitrile Disposal     

• Cyanide Waste Disposal     • Ammonia Disposal     • Pesticide Disposal

Laboratory Waste

• Lab Packs     • Laboratory Waste Management     • Chemistry Lab Waste     

• Disposition of Unused Chemicals