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Household silver or silverware (the silver, the plate) refers to dishware, cutlery and other household items made of sterling, Britannia or Sheffield plate silver.

The term is often used for the items made of silver, stainless steel, or a silver-plated base metal. "Silverware" also refers to dishes used for serving food and some decorative objects such as candlesticks. Silver requires a good deal of care, as it tarnishes and must be hand polished, since careless or machine polishing ruins the patina and can completely erode the silver layer in Sheffield plate.


silver flatware

In middle-income households the few items of silver or silver-plate may be displayed on a buffet or in a cabinet or china cabinet or breakfront, but a larger collection of silver is usually locked away in a secure room or a special silver safe.
The purchase and use of silverware, however, have been steadily declining since World War II, perhaps because families are to spend money on it and have neither the time nor the servants to care for it. However, sterling silver is still for sale and is still being collected and enjoyed by those who can afford it.

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