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Litho film designed for use in the graphic arts for line or halftone work. Litho is a photographic process designed for preparing negatives for commercial offset litho print.  
Litho film only records black and white, with no gradations, and is typically supplied in rolls capable of producing SRA2 cut sheets. The negative or positive litho film often using a razor-blade and Rotring pen, could be adjusted by hand. The final film would then be used to make printer's plates. A digital press does not require plates at all, and the output is directly sent from the computer to the press. So in this method litho is removed from the process.


Litho Films


To achieve the highest possible contrast that the Litho film is designed for, negative or positive, the film must be properly processed.

We are purchasing used litho films as well as expired graphic art films from printing presses.

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