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Silver can be used in all areas of life like dentistry where silver is alloyed with mercury and other metals to make dental fillings.To make dental amalgam, a mixture of powdered silver and other metals is mixed with mercury to make a stiff paste that can be adapted to the shape of a cavity.
silver filling is what dentists often use to replace the area lost to tooth decay (cavities).
This type of filling is technically known as amalgam, but can also be known as a mercury tooth filling. The use of silver filling in dentistry has been in debate for many years. This is because amalgam fillings use mercury, a substance that is poisonous.



The problem is that there is no definitive evidence that amalgam fillings are a health hazard. There have been concerns that absorption of mercury could contribute to several diseases, including Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, dementia and arthritis, but again, nothing has been proven.

We recycle amalgam and all other silver materials with environmentaly safe manners.

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